antique glass decanter repaired

Antique Glass Restoration

We also specialise in the restoration of antique glass and silver.

Bespoke glass restoration of the highest quaility. Antique glass and contemporary pieces of all types


GLASS REPAIRS Wine glasses, decanters, vases. Any chipped glassware expertly repaired

BLUE GLASS LINERS Supplied & fitted to salts, mustards, sugars, preserve pots, vases, dish rings – thousands of liners in stock, specials made to order

COLOURED LINERS Cranberry, Green, Amethyst, Amber & Mauve glass hand made by our glassblowers

PROFFESIONAL CLEANING Water stained decanters, scent bottles & vases cleaned 100% success

STOPPERS Supplied, fitted, reshanked & repaired

EPERGNE & COMPORT DISHES Any size, shape or cutting made to order

CLOCK GLASS Hand bevelled carriage clock glass, barometer glass, round, square & oval convex glass supplied & fitted

MIRROR GLASS AND MIRROR RESILVERING Round , oval or shaped mirror glass, supplied & hand bevelled

ENGRAVING Any text or graphics hand engraved onto your glassware. Or removed!

BENT GLASS Any size or shape of bend copied

INK WELL LINERS 22 different sizes in stock

INK BOTTLES A variety of sizes, with or without cutting plus brass or silver plated lids

SILVER REPAIRS Dents, splits & polishing by our silversmith

SILVER PLATING A speedy, high quality service

SANDBLASTING White frosting of any type of glass

OIL LAMPS Reservoirs, globes & chimneys supplied

CHANDELIERS Repaired, restored. Spare parts supplied

WHISKEY FLASKS Replacement glass supplied

SILVER COLLARS Supplied & fitted

DRILLING Any size of hole drilled in glass & ceramics

PAPER WEIGHTS Bruised & scratched glass polished like new


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