hotel bar restaurant with table glassware

How to Save Money and Cut Costs in your Restaurant or Hospitality Business

General managers are always looking for ways to reduce their operating costs in their hotel or restaurant business. Restoring your glassware is an easy yet relatively unknown way to save money whilst earning green environmental recycling points.

Replacing chipped glassware in your restaurant or business can quickly add up. Glass gets chipped easily, and many just throw away the glass, decanter or butter dish without giving it a second thought. However, it can be repaired for usually much less than it costs to buy a new replacement, especially if you invest in quality fine glassware from companies such as Riedel or John Jenkins.

Aldridge Glass has helped hotels and restaurants reduce their expenditure for nearly 20 years in the London area. By contacting Aldridge Glass, we can arrange an appointment to pop in and discuss your current glass requirements and the possible money saving measures we can help you with.

By helping restaurants and hotels reduce costs we can enable you to save money to spend on other things. Repairing chipped glassware is the perfect cost control measure for your hospitality business.

Please get in touch to see how much money we can help you save in your restaurant and hotel business.